Prohibited thresholds

00:37 1972 Fiction
Prohibited thresholds poster
Through the daily life of a postcard seller, the film is an observation of a reality: the sexual frustration suffered by the majority of young Tunisians. Foreign elements (films, tourism, etc.) to our Tunisian society feed it and accentuate this evil. The action of the film takes place in Kairouan, a "religious" city, where the majority of women are veiled and where religious fanatics have their say.
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Realization and Production

Ridha Behi
Ridha Behi

Ridha Behi

Ridha Behi began his career as a filmmaker in 1967, with the short film The Woman Statue. The Tunisian then directed Soleil des hyènes (1975) and Les Anges (1983), both p...

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