Tahar Cheriaa in the shade of the Baobab

01:11 2015 Documentary
Tahar Cheriaa in the shade of the Baobab poster
This film is the portrait of Tahar Chèriaa the undisputed father of pan africanism cinema and founder of JCC Carthage Film Festival , the first film festival in Africa and The Arab World ( 1966). Its also the story of his friendship with the pioneers of African cinema as Sembene ousmane , Tewfik Salah, Youssef Chahine, Timite Bassori, Moustapha Alassane and so many others.


Direction and Production

Mohamed Challouf
Mohamed Challouf

Mohamed Challouf

Born in 1957 in Sousse (Tunisia), after studying at the technical high school in his hometown, in 1979 he moved to Perugia in Italy where he attended the UniversitàItalia...

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