01:51 2007 Fiction
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This film, which events happened between 1924 and 1934, portrays the struggle of three young Tunisian friends who became true myths in the Tunisian society: Mhamed Ali El Hammi, the founder of the first Tunisian trade union; Tahar Hadded, a rebellious freedom and Human Rights militant, pioneer of the Tunisian Family Code, who in his writings called the whole Muslim world to reform women status in the society; and Belgacem Chebbi who renewed poetry, questioned the poet’s role and commitment, and initiated new language patterns. All three witnessed a tragic fate in an atmosphere of general indifference.


Realization and Production

Fadhel Jaziri
Fadhel Jaziri

Fadhel Jaziri

Fadhel Jaziri was born in 1948 in Tunis; A man of theater and cinema, he began his career with Fadhel Jaibi and other Tunisian artists by founding "Le Théâtre du Sud" in ...

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