Alone, anchored in the ground poster
15 min 2022 Documentary

Alone, anchored in the ground

From what void did you come to create such a powerful tremor in my universe? From what emptiness were you born to invade my world like this? From what tragedy did you emerge to trap me with you in your outlet? What monstrosity will we be co-authors of to get out of this deadlock? What bond must we mourn and accept to exist together? What fate must we rid ourselves of to purify what remains to be saved? What exit were you diverted from to come and force me to deal with your presence today? My mourning will have no end, in fact, it will not happen, and besides, it makes no sense; I have barely begun the wake, I have barely set foot in the open grave, with so little respite to seal it; I still have to go fetch them, at most, shed tears.



Direction and Production

Rahma Benhamou El Madani
Rahma Benhamou El Madani

Rahma Benhamou El Madani

French-Moroccan producer and director. Born in Algeria, into a Moroccan family. She grew up in the Bordeaux region from the age of 6. A graduate in language sciences, lit...

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