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54 min 2019 Plays


"Three intruders try to go on stage clandestinely but they come face to face with the guardian of the temple ... and that's where it all goes to start " There you have it, the stage is set! This funny and burlesque play deals with a subject that has generated a lot of controversies in recent years in Tunisia: who has the right to ride scene? Who can claim to be an artist? How do you become an artist? With some studies? With a business card? With followers on the networks social? Could Passion and Freshness be enough drivers powerful so that intruders to a domain can excel in this domain? And more generally, this piece ironically poses the problematic of corporatism taken to the extreme in the absence of power strong central. Also, the idea of ​​the pure and the impure is raised in this piece, which draws on everything what moves, and a fortiori, by the pretending "intruders" themselves on them- same.




Direction and Production

Hatem Karoui
Hatem Karoui

Hatem Karoui

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