111 Rue de La poste poster
52 min 2011 Documentary

111 Rue de La poste

A women's shelter at 111 rue de la Poste, in the heart of Brussels, This is where Sarra Abidi lived during her years of study at INSAS, it is this place that she films through her experiences and questions from its inhabitants. From these scraps of life scattered in a heap of hours of rushes is born a film, a tender meditation on solitude, solidarity, autonomy, happiness, dreams and utopias. The film takes place behind closed doors in the bedrooms and corridors of this shelter.



Direction and Production

Sarra Abidi
Sarra Abidi

Sarra Abidi

A master's degree from the prestigious INSAS film school in Brussels after a master's degree from the Tunis School of Fine Arts, Sarra Abidi worked on a series of project...

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