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77 min 2017 Documentary

From Under the Rubble

In December 2008 and January 2009, Operation Cast Lead saw Israel's military forces clash with Palestinians in Gaza. In the ensuing raids, which sparked a wider humanitarian crisis and the collapse of infrastructure and basic services, 1,417 Palestinians were killed and thousands more were injured and many left permanently disabled. The majority were women and children. This is not a documentary about death toll statistics, nor is it about politics or the roots of this particular episode in the ongoing standoff between these hostile neighbours. Instead we focus on the Samounis - a peaceful, close-knit, extended family of farmers.
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Direction and Production

Anne Tsoulis
Anne Tsoulis

Anne Tsoulis

Anne Tsoulis is a screenwriter, script editor, director and producer. After years working extensively as an accredited screenwriter and script doctor for drama feature fi...

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