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61 min 2007 Documentary

I am at home

The summer of 2006 was marked by sponsorships of school children of undocumented parents. Wissem is sponsored by Mélanie and Hans, her parents Nadia and Mohamed are undocumented and live in the Belleville district. This couple is originally from Algeria and decided to live in this corner of the world by choice, they are looking for a permanent home. Junior is a young adult of Colombian origin, he is a high school student and in conflict with his family. He is in a family breakup. Her godmother is none other than her Spanish teacher. He works odd jobs and is looking for a home. Guillaume and Sophie are members of RESF and are painters in this neighborhood. They work with children from different communities and offer their art to forge a social bond between them. Junior dreams of entering the Beaux Arts and by attending Guillaume he will try to get closer. Mélanie and Hans decide to leave France for Africa and their home elsewhere is different with each new transfer. Nadia and Mohamed are waiting for their situation to be regularized so they can finally feel at home and live normally with their two little daughters.



Direction and Production

Rahma Benhamou El Madani
Rahma Benhamou El Madani

Rahma Benhamou El Madani

French-Moroccan producer and director. Born in Algeria, into a Moroccan family. She grew up in the Bordeaux region from the age of 6. A graduate in language sciences, lit...

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