Lotfi Dziri



Lotfi Dziri born January 6, 1946 and died on May 5, 2013.In the early 1970s, sports professor graduated from the Higher Institute of Sport and Physical Education, Lotfi Dziri leaves Tunisia for Strasbourg. He is very interested in psychology. His arrival at the theater is explained by the fact that he chose to treat his patients by giving them theatrical roles. He gets into the game and goes up to 1978 his first play. He returned to Tunisia in 1985 and began a career in the print media. His passion for theater takes over and he puts on a play that has been successful for several years in a row, Ma taallakch (No comments). Given his success in the theater, where he plays monologue roles, Tunisian television uses him to play in several television series. At the same time, he goes to the cinema and plays in several films, sometimes capturing the main role.


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