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Once upon a time in the coming era and future days, Kingdom of O It is a republic that we do not know ... .. In mysterious circumstances ignorant of science and politics, women gave a gift, and they turned the world into a heart Women of every religious sect and sect, big and small, and those on the mat, rose from the wastes of exploitation and injustice. From the hands that shut their mouths, and the handcuffs that tie their wrists, From an early death From the tyranny of guardianship, from the arrogance of parents, husbands, brothers, uncles, uncles, and neighbors From Shahryar's dormitories and Harun al-Rashid's secret rooms, from below Cloaks of Sultans, Kings and Knights, From every place women rose up and everyone rose up with each other. One time and one plank, with one heart, one screaming, and many bodies .. liberated in one go from all chains and established their republic, or it is their kingdom
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Walid Ayadi
Walid Ayadi

Walid Ayadi

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