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54 min 1988 Plays

Klem Ellil 1

"Klem Ellil" is a space outside of time and constraint, in which we translate what is not translated into language, and we draw what is not seen by eye. . The abstract. "Klem Ellil" is our enchanted imagination when we set the trap of confusion for it, hoping that we are walking on the whim of the soul, enjoying the critical moment in which we decipher (the passwords) and open the back doors in our controls and some of our talismans in public, we will rest their response, which may lead to trials and harassment on humanity . . . Then we return from it to our bases. . Negatives. And because "Klem Ellil" is not a fraudulent commodity in the smuggling market, any omission on people, situations, connotations or collective incidents is unfortunately pure delirium and vanity ... We are not responsible for the disappointments resulting from it.
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Direction and Production

Taoufik Jebali
Taoufik Jebali

Taoufik Jebali

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