Jùnùn poster
105 min 2006 Drama


Jùnùn deals with the schizophrenic condition prevailing in Arab societies. The film takes deep into a punishing excursion, showing us the underworld of the poor and the discarded, and how easily they can be made to embrace extremist and fundamentalist thoughts. The film forces us to confront a bipolar reality, once dark, once light, a reality too often repressed. Jùnùn explores the human beings by their feelings of love and hatred while challenging the viewers by its approach to violence, exclusion, the thirst for freedom and the patriarchal, religious and institutional power on the individual.




Direction and Production

Fadhel Jaïbi
Fadhel Jaïbi

Fadhel Jaïbi

Fadhel Jaïbi, born December 10, 1945 in Ariana, is a Tunisian director and director. He is a figure of contemporary Arab theater. After his theatrical studies in France b...

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