Raouf Ben Amor



Back in Tunisia, he co-founded in 1972 the South Theater of Gafsa1, with Fadhel Jaziri, Fadhel Jaïbi, Mohamed Raja Farhat and Mohamed Driss. He plays the role of Jha in the play Jha wal charq al Hair, but also Borni wal Atra.He then participated in several theatrical experiences, including the Phou Theater with Raja Ben Ammar and Moncef Sayem (1980), the Tamthil Klem theater-theater with his accomplice Taoufik Jebali, and the Tunisian National Theater in Yaïchou Shakespeare. At El Teatro, founded by Jebali and Zeineb Farhat, he goes on stage in Memory of a Dinosaur and the eleven-episode drama series named Klem Ellil, with the complicity of Jebali, Kamel Touati and Mahmoud Larnaout.

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