Essaida poster
100 min 1996 Fiction


Amine is a painter Artist who lives in Tunis. He goes through creation crisis while preparing an exhibition. On city sidewalks he meets a young adolescent, Nidal. Staggered by Nidal attitudes, Amine follows him till his quarter Essaïda. A concentration of populations stemming from rural depopulation settled in the outskirts of Tunis, in search of dream and work. Immediately Amine succeeds in convincing Nidal of being his model. Nidal’s father, an alcoholic treats his son badly as he does not obey him and does not bring money to the family. Amine is upset by the discovery of Essaïda and by Nidal condition. Back home, he decides to stop his exhibition and moves to settle at Essaïda in order to start a new life. He transfers this atmosphere and their dreams in paintings in a world of colours and light. Nidal parts from Amine and sinks into delinquency. Amine tries to track down his marks and his equilibrium: He teaches him how to look at life, a fragile life that hangs by a thread.




Direction and Production

Mohamed Zran
Mohamed Zran

Mohamed Zran

Born August 23, 1959 in Zarzis. Mohamed Zran undertakes higher cinematographic studies at ESEC in Paris. Then, he signs three short films as a director; Virgule, 1987, Th...

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