The other half of the sky poster
93 min 2008 Fiction

The other half of the sky

Selima and Selim, 20 years old twins, Whose mother died in childbirth, live in Tunis with their father Ali, a prominent lawyer. Ali never recovered from the death of his wife. He holds his children responsible for their mother's death and obstinately refuses to answer their questions about her. Selima discovers one day that she will only inherit half what her brother will. She asks her father: "Is it because fathers only love their daughter half as much? ". At the death of the father, Selim goes to live abroad. What will happen to Selima?



Direction and Production

Kalthoum Bornaz
Kalthoum Bornaz

Kalthoum Bornaz

Born in Tunis, K. BORNAZ is a scriptwriter and director, after having been a chief editor, scriptwriter and assistant director. Once she passed her baccalaureate, K. Born...

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