The cup poster
90 min 1985 Fiction

The cup

Since football has left the stadiums to spread into peoples' heads, it's become a problem. It's a society phenomenon even more terrible when it comes to a final of the Tunisian Cup. For Mustpha, Hssan, Hedi et Rached, the event begins on saturday evening. What matters tomorrow is the victory of their favorite team. On sunday, the city is celebrating. On the stands, the public is in trance. On the field, the result doesn't satisfy the wishes of our four supporters. It's a catastrophe. Blows ans injuries. Violence and bitterness. However, each of the four supporters must go home and face his family. For Mustapha, the question doesn't arise. The case is closed. He won at the "promosport". Never mind the rest...



Direction and Production

Mohamed Damak
Mohamed Damak

Mohamed Damak

Mohamed Damak was born in 1952 in Sfax, Tunisia. After studying film in France, he returned to Tunisia and made, in 1980, a first documentary around the Carthage Festival...

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