Anis Lassoued

Director | Producer


Anis LASSOUED obtained his director’s diploma from the IMC – Institut Maghrébin de Cinéma - Tunis and the University of Tor Vergata - Rome. He did also training courses in the Femis - Paris, GSARA - Lièges and INSAV - Bruxelles. Since then, he was first assistant director and production manager in several tunisian and international movies. In 2004, he shot his first short documentary, Les poupées de sucre de Nabeul (The dolls of sugar of Nabeul) (Best Idea Award in Anasy Festival-Abu Dhabi 2008) and in 2006, he made his first short fiction Saba Flous (Moisson magique) (Muhr Award in DIFF-UAE 2006, Gold Cairo in Cairo International Film Festival for Children, Egypt-2007 (Gold Kazoos in Francophone Film Festival of Kalamazoo-Michigan 2007). He directed several documentaries for international TV channels: The Balloon (26 min-2005-NHK channel-Japan); Kairouan on 1428 (52 min-2007-Aljazeera Documentary channel); During 2009 and 2010, he shot four documentaries on children in Arab villages: A summer in Sidi Bouzekri (Tunisia), Girl-boy (Yemen), Tomorrow… Boutheina (Algeria) and Yacoub, child of the sea (Mauritania) - Aljazeera Children channel. His last feature documentary is The Opponent (2012), shown in the European Parliament-2013 and in Visions du Réel Nyon-2014. His second short fiction, Sabbat El Aïd (My Shoes) (2013) won many international awards (Poulain d’Or & Best African film -FESPACO 2013; Best Short Film Award-Vue d’Afrique 2013-Canada; GAIA Award and SEVEN SEAS Award-Moondance International Film Festival 2013 - USA) ; Jury Award in 18th International Children's Film Festival India-2013; It was also selected in 2013 in Chicago International Children's Film Festival, TIFF Kids International Film Festival-Canada; Taiwan International Children's Film Festival-TICFF ; Lucas International Children's Film Festival-Frankfurt. In 2013, he creates, with Chema Ben Chaabene, Lumières Films, a young independent production company. Lumières Films has produced four documentaries. It is also the line producer of the serial Inkissar Al Samt (Oman TV) shot in Tunisia & Oman-2015. In 2016, he received the National Award for the Protection of Children’s Rights for his cinematographic work defending Children’s Rights. Furthermore, Anis Lassoued is the founder and artistic director of the Festival du Film Maghrébin de Nabeul - Move Maghreb - 4th edition 2018. He was also artistic and production consultant for several film projects, among them –The production of short films for the Media Campaign “Women in the Working World” – Regional Program Economic Integration of Women in MENA (EconoWin) supported by GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit). Anis Lassoued finished the shooting of his first feature Gadeha ﭬدحة, now in postproduction (2020-Lumières Films-CTV Services-SVP).

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