Tunis 2050 poster
15 min 2009 Comedy

Tunis 2050

2050 is a comedy series that presents the life of an ordinary family of 5 members: father Abdelhamid (lawyer), mother Yesmine (manager of a marriage agency), eldest daughter Nihel, youngest Skander and the little genius of the Slim family. The series gives us a futuristic and modernist vision of a Mediterranean family living in the year 2050, hence its title. It features a colorful and unusual decor.





Direction and Production

Riadh Ghariani
Riadh Ghariani

Riadh Ghariani

Riadh Ghariani is the founder of CGS 3D (cgs3D.com), the first 3D studio from middle east and North Africa working with Disney Channel.His company CGS 3D has been the exe...

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