Dorra Zarrouk



She began her career as a model, then joined a theater troupe where she played in a play by director Taoufik Jebali. She attended several drama workshops and workshops with Fadhel Jaïbi and Nawal Skandrani, Tony Cots, Michel Kelemenis and many others. Between 1997 and 1998, she participated in Chutt and Ikâa with the Tunisian choreographer Sihem Belkhodja.She began on Tunisian television in a series of tales, written and directed by the filmmaker Nacer Khémir. In cinema, she obtains roles in two feature films: Khorma (2002) by Jilani Saadi and La Villa (2004) by Mohamed Damak. She participates in many foreign productions. She now resides in Egypt, where she is known as Dorra. She plays in several series such as Zay El Ward (2012) and Segn El Nessa (2014).

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