Nejma Zghidi

Actress | Scriptwriter | Director


Nejma Zeghidi was born in 1977 in Tunis, where she went on to study psychology in parallel with her training as an actor. Her first acting experiences came at the university theatre as well as on other stages in the city. In 2008, she served as script manager for Fadhel Jaziri`s film THALETHUN, and in 2010 and 2013 she served as director`s assistant in the Sufi musical show HADRA. She has acted in various roles in the films [...] DÉSIRS (by Samir Harbaoui) and SELMA (by Mohamed Ben Attia), and the short film series 9 AVRIL 1938 (by Saween Saya and Tarak Khalledi). In 2013 she wrote the script for the short film FEU, which she also directed. She is currently co-authoring the script for the feature film KHOUSSOUF.

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