Salah Bensalah



Moroccan artist Saleh Bensalah, joined the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts in Rabat, and studied theater for four years and obtained a diploma in diagnosis in 2003. He began working in the theater and the play Don Quixote with a Moroccan-style quote was the first play in which he participated, then he played limited roles on television until it came The experience of industrial film in 2005, and he also worked with international directors such as Florence Siri, director of the movie “The Intimate Enemy” with the great actor Benno Magimil. He also worked in documentaries produced by German companies specializing in topics related to the history of the Pharaohs. He played starring roles in several films, including the movie “The End.” This is his first starring in a movie with Moroccan director Hicham Lasri.


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