The four Seasons

00:52 2007 Documentary
The four Seasons poster
The image of an ageless black woman, who is called Oummi Fatma or Myriam or Selma, is engraved forever on the memory of every inhabitant of Zarzis, our small native town located in the south-east of Tunisia. This fantastic matchmaker of all work is indispensable because she is fully in charge of the complex ritual of the wedding ceremony and facilitates the bride and groom's difficult transition to married life. Oummi Fatma is one of the last women of her generation who still goes through this ritual whose secrets she alone knows and which a brutal modernization threatens to end forever.


Direction and Production

Mohamed Zran
Mohamed Zran

Mohamed Zran

Born August 23, 1959 in Zarzis. Mohamed Zran undertakes higher cinematographic studies at ESEC in Paris. Then, he signs three short films as a director; Virgule, 1987, Th...

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