Cinecitta poster
110 min 2008 Comedy


Desperate by the refusal of the film commission, Chahine wonders how he will do to find the money needed to achieve the police comedy he has in mind. He then has the crazy idea to go find him where he is: in the trunk of a bank. Aided by his two accomplices (his producer and his cinematographer), he scripted and directed the burglary ... The accomplished heist, the three accomplices, forced to live hidden in an apartment while waiting for things to settle, will go theatrical revelations ...




Direction and Production

Brahim Letayef
Brahim Letayef

Brahim Letayef

Brahim Letayef, director, producer, born in 1959 in Kairouan, after studying communication sciences in Paris 1, he turned to cinema. He began his career as a producer in ...

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